About us

We operate in the broadly understood construction industry, both as a contractor of works and a design office. Over twenty years of practice has allowed us to develop fruitful methods of conducting work at a high level of implementation in the field of thermo-modernization, renovation of historic buildings and the construction of hospitals. The philosophy of our activity has always been about quality, both in terms of the work performed, as well as the materials provided and highly qualified employees. Operating throughout Poland, we have knowledge, invaluable experience and reliable practice. These factors allow us for the timely and comprehensive implementation of all investments. Strengthening the company’s philosophy, we have implemented and use an integrated management system compliant with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015, PN-EN ISO 14001: 2015.


MR Construction
perfectly organized team of specialists with many years of experience
responsible business partner
a company that focuses on the integrity and transparency of relationships with both clients and employees

Our staff are long-term and reliable employees. Their high qualifications and high work culture enable MR Construction to carry out the implementation for years appreciated by customers and consistent with the company’s philosophy.

The start-up of a construction business by the owner of the company - Mariusz Rybka. At that time, orders were carried out mainly on roofing works and insulation of single-family houses.
Gradual expansion of the scope of activity. Structural and human development, and most importantly - gaining invaluable experience, contributed to changing the form of organization of current business activity. As a result, MR Construction Sp. z o.o, under which the company operates to this day
The first, major projects were carried out at the request of the PKP Nieruchomości company. Another, already with the same profile in which the company specializes to this day, has been implemented on a multi-family building in Gliwice at ul. Toszecka.
Like any entity in the economic market, we also strive to develop and improve qualifications. Achievement worth emphasizing is the company's distinction Grand Building Prize in the category: "Execution of renovation and assembly works as well as modernization and renovation works". The prize awarded by the Silesian Chamber of Construction, appreciated the quality of the overall implementation of MR Construction.
Due to the increase in the number of tasks being carried out, the team responsible for supervision of investments is being expanded. In addition, an important event in the company's history is the change of its headquarters. In order to provide comfort to a wider group of employees as well as taking care of the representative aspect of the company's operations, our new office is located at Bł. Czesława 13 A / 1.
Rapid development of the company at the turn of the current decade, internal and personnel growth, affect the expansion of the territorial area of the company's operations to voivodships further away from the company's headquarters.